Friday, 28 March 2014

The Dumb Things I'm Asked...

Would you ask a plumber for the cheapest pipes, or an electrician for the cheapest wire? No, of course not - you'd want appropriate materials for the job. So why ask for the cheapest tattoo rather than make the effort to select a design you like and want, a design that actually has meaning for you?

You're going to live with a tattoo for a long time. Yes, you can usually get it covered over with a bigger, darker design, (if that's what you really want). Yes, you can have it removed by laser, (which is expensive, doesn't always work well and often leaves a scar). But it would be easier to take your time and choose a design with care.

What Not to Ask:
  • What's your cheapest tattoo?
  • Can you tattoo me quickly because I've got to go to work/the pub/on holiday?

What To Ask:
  • May I see your Licence? (Mine is displayed on my studio wall).
  • How long have you been here? (My studio opened in 1993, but I've been tattooing since I was aged eleven).
  • Can you tell me about your hygiene policy? (My autoclave and equipment are in full view, but if in any doubt just ask me about any aspect of this).
  • What's your after-care policy?  (If you've any problems or concerns about your new tattoo by me, come back and see me ASAP).

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