Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Idiot of the Week

(The girl's photo and clickable link was removed, and her name shortened, to protect her child's privacy.) 
2 December
Millie: Can you do me a tattoo please?

  • 2 December
    Richie Tattoo Artist: Come into the studio any time - open Mon to Sat, 11am to 4pm.

  • 2 December
    Millie: do I need ID or will you just do it

  • Yesterday
    Richie Tattoo Artist: You will need ID to prove you're over 18.

  • Yesterday
    Millie: Shit you

  • 3 hours ago
    Richie Tattoo Artist: That's the law. Grow up and learn some courtesy.

  • about an hour ago
    Millie: hahahahaha leg it ye little nonce

  • ...Just one of the many idiots I deal with on a daily basis.

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