Sunday, 12 June 2011

Some People...

Once in a while an idiot comes into the studio.  I've heard it all before, but there's always one who thinks they've come up with something new.

On Saturday, a couple walked in.  She didn't like her tattoo.  It was eight years old and she'd gone off it.  She wanted a new free one.  He pretended to be a policeman.  Well I've heard that one before too, so I asked to see his ID card.  He didn't have it with him.  What a surprise. 

These two actually thought they'd get a free tattoo cover-up eight years later!  Quick check to make sure this is still Planet Earth, same dimension etc. 

Imagine trying to take a dress back to a shop eight years later...

See that rectangular space in the wall?  Door, go, now.

Like I said.  Idiots.

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