Friday, 31 December 2010

Top Five List for 2010

New, or new to me - and in no particular order....

Miles by Miles Davis and Quincy Troupe.
Marvel Essentials, Tomb of Dracula, Vols 1 - 4.
Marvel Essentials, Amazing Spiderman, Vols 1- 17.
Dr Who, Peacemaker  by James Swallow.
Life During Wartime, Bernice Summerfield anthology.

I watch nothing but films.  We don't have a TV - haven't had one all year and don't miss it at all. 
Jazz, a great series by Ken Burns.  I've really got into jazz this year.
Steptoe & Son series - classic British comedy.
Metalocalypse  The wife says I look like Murderface.
England vs Scotland 1967 - one of the best football matches ever.
Avatar - though the plot was too predictable, the visuals made up for it.

Herbie Hancock, Thrust.
Miles Davis, Bitches Brew.
John Scofield plays Ray Charles.

John McLaughlin and the 4th Dimension, To The One.
Iron Maiden, Final Frontier.

John McLaughlin, in March; Steve Hacket in November; Woody Mann also in November.

Heroes of Fiction
The Doctor (Dr Who).
Sherlock Holmes.
Dr Strange.
The Beast, from The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms.

Most Annoying People
The Beatles.
Yoko Ono.
Simon Cowell.
Kerry Catona.

People I'd Like to Meet
Brian May.
Bette Davis.
Jack Bruce.
James Cagney.

Places I'd like to Visit
New York in the 1930's.
Venice, for a honeymoon with my wife.
The South Pole.
Sophia Loren's bedroom, complete with Sophia.
The bottom of Everest, 'cause everyone's already seen the top.

Wish List for 2011
* to live in a lighthouse on an island.
* to own a 50,000 watt home cinema/music system for my lighthouse.
* to own every comic Marvel and DC have ever published.
* to see Everton win the Champions League.
* to see Everton win any football match ha ha ha ha!

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