Sunday, 28 November 2010

In the Studio This Week...

I had two unexpected meetings this week. 

The first was with a cousin whom I've not seen since she was twelve.   Then, she was chubby and had long ringlets.  Now she's a grown woman.  She recognised me, but she had to tell me her name and my aunt's name before I realised who she was.

The second meeting was with Chris L, who I've not seen for a decade or so.   I didn't recognise him either.  The last time I'd seen him, he had a thick head of hair usually worn in a ponytail.  Now the hair's gone.  We used to hang around together, and it was when we were both working together - me as a photographer, Chris as a film maker - that I met my wife.   He's married now, too, with a family.  But he still plays the drums.  In a band, too, he said, due to play support for Big Country.  Cool. 

The bad news is that George died.  I knew that he'd been ill for some time, and the last time he came into the studio it was to say his goodbyes.  He had wanted to die in Spain but that wasn't possible.  He loved Spain and often visited one of his sons who lives there.  I sent flowers to the family, to pay my respects.  George often used to visit the studio for a chat, and he sent a lot of custom my way.

Last night, Lee and I saw Steve Hacket play at the Pacific Road.  Great concert, good crowd.

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